October 26—28 2016

XXVII Annual International Academic Conference «Language and Culture»


The XXVI Annual International Academic Conference "Language and Culture" and the 1st Tomsk Workshop on Cognitive Linguistics and Pragmatics (TOWOCOLP) will be held between 25-27 September 2017 in Tomsk, Russia, known affectionately as the Athens of Siberia.

Tomsk is an old Siberian city that maintains its identity in the superbly preserved 19th century architecture that includes both intricately patterned wooden houses and the imposing stone and brick mansions adorning its main streets. Here you will find a synthesis of tradition and innovation, respect for history and desire for renewal. Tomsk is proud of the 5 universities that were founded here, and the Conference will take place in one of them, the oldest beyond the Urals and in the expanses of Siberia: the former Tomsk Imperial University, now a leading research university in Russia – Tomsk State University..

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The Conference work timeline

27 — 30 October 2015

Submission of papers and abstracts

by March 15 2015


by September 1 2015

Conference Proceedings publication

September 2015

About the Conference

The conference "Language and Culture", held at Tomsk State University for the 25th time, develops and enhances the tradition of conferences devoted to foreign languages and cultures, and creates an ideal platform for bringing together scholars, researchers, holders of research fellowships, teacher educators and school teachers. Here they can share the results of their research, present their projects, share experiences and new ideas on all aspects of research in language, literature, culture and related fields, and create a truly international atmosphere of cooperation and understanding.

Working languages

The official languages of the conference are:

Presentation modalities

40 min

Plenary papers

The plenary presenters are kindly asked to restrict their presentations to 35 minutes followed by 5 minutes for discussion led by the chair of the session.

20 min

Section papers

The paper presenters are kindly asked to restrict their presentations to 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes for discussion led by the chair of the session.

30 min


Workshop sessions must involve audience participation through active engagement with the tasks provided by the workshop facilitator.


Posters are invited on any of the themes listed above. Posters may be any size up to a maximum of A1 (594mm x 840mm) or equivalent made up of separate sheets.

Virtual papers

Virtual papers are welcome, and will be considered for publication in the conference proceedings.


All accepted abstracts and papers in Russian will be published in a volume of conference proceedings (with its own ISBN). High quality impact papers will be considered for publication in journals with citation ratings in Web of Science Core Collection databases. Proceedings of the conference "Language and Culture" are in the process of being digitized and transferred to the E-library database, which has a RISC.citation index

A special event in your life

With your participation in the conference "Language and Culture", you can visit the city of Tomsk, the "pearl" of Siberia, Siberian Athens, home to students, young people, academics and intellectuals

We look forward to meeting you in Russia, in the city of Tomsk.